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About Ecophy Cleaners

About Ecophy - For a cleaner, greener home!

Ecophy Cleaning Services Ltd was born from the need to provide a total domestic solution which offers an outstanding cleaning service with minimum impact on the environment.

We believe that following our ethical standards should not compromise on the level of service we offer and therefore deliver an exceptional, professional cleaning service to all our customers whilst adhering to the environmentally sound moral values that are so close to our hearts.

Our highly skilled team of house cleaners are fully trained in the use of the most up to date cleaning techniques and can apply the correct procedures in every corner of your home to such an exceptional level that it is no surprise that most people who have tried us once will come back again and again.

With a completely transparent pricing structure, the only surprise you will get is how wonderful your house will look when Ecophy have finished cleaning.

Our mission statement

Ecophy Mission Statement

  1. Ecophy believe in using the most effective earth friendly cleaning equipment and products to reduce our impact on the environment and provide outstanding results in your house.
  2. We aim to use less rather than recycle more and are always seeking more efficient and greener cleaning products to protect the future of our planet.
    Our focus is on trying to protect the waterways of the future by using products and processes that are not going to harm our fragile planet and base our entire corporate philosophy on the belief that prevention is always better than cure.

Not all cleaning companies are the same!

Ecophy - Not all cleaning companies are the same

Though we have high ethical standards, Ecophy’s sole purpose is to provide exceptional domestic cleaning services for you - and our team of highly skilled, reliable staff are the key to our success.

Unlike many of our competitors, all of our domestic cleaners are employed and comprehensively trained solely by us. We are not an agency and never use untrained or temporary staff.

As a fully registered domestic cleaning services company, we pride ourselves on our team of highly professional domestic cleaners that are fully trained in the most up to date cleaning processes for the home, so that we can tailor our services to meet the needs of your house as well as your budget.

To find out more about our staff, please see our “Meet the Team” page.

Ethically Different

Though many domestic cleaning companies claim to be environmentally friendly by using so called ‘Eco’ products, Ecophy goes much further.

Rather than following the crowd, we actually source long term sustainable cleaning solutions from carpet extraction through to mattress sensitisation that are less reliant on harmful chemicals and place more emphasis on the skills of the house cleaning process itself.

TAbout Ecophyhough the sole commitment of many companies is to look for the right stickers on the packets, we want to make sure that the processes used to create any products we use meet the needs and expectations not only of our own company but also those of the customer.

We will never use a product that have been subject to animal testing, even though this is still acceptable practice for many suppliers in the UK, and we challenge all of our suppliers to ensure that the entire process used in creating any cleaning solutions we use is ethically sound from start to finish.

By sourcing our cleaning products within the UK wherever possible, we not only ensure control over our carbon footprint but also support our local economy and participate in the continual success of our national environmental policy.

And, as we have rigorous standards that we expect every supplier to meet, we also apply the same high expectations to our own organisation.

We commit to using the most energy efficient computer equipment within our organisation thereby reducing our own energy consumption and improving the sustainability of our entire operation. We also use the advances in today’s technology to enable remote working for our house cleaners which not only reduces harmful emissions but also provides a better home/work balance for our entire team.

In this way we are able to provide a sustainable carbon neutral business, with motivated and passionate staff that has less impact on the environment but offers all our customers the chance to be cleaner and greener.