Ecophy - Our Environmental Policy

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Our Environmental Policy


At Ecophy Cleaning Services we know that nearly everything we do, as individuals or as a company, has an impact on the environment around us.

Our commitment is therefore to reduce the impact Ecophy has on the environment and empower our customers to do the same.

We aim to achieve this by careful monitoring of our services and continual improvement both internally and externally in everything that we do.

Our Environmental Policy


To achieve this we will:

  1. Record and monitor all environmental impacts of Ecophy projects, both existing and new, and set specific targets with the help of the Carbon Foot Print organisation;
  1.  Comply with all current and future legislation within any given timescales;
  1.  Ensure that the day to day running of our domestic cleaning company is best performed with the least environment impact;
  1. Take account of environmental impact in all business decisions made;
  1.  Ensure all products and machinery we use minimises waste and where possible reuses or recycles chemicals, disposing of all waste within environmental guidelines;
  1.  Only environmentally friendly suppliers who have a strong ethos on environmental protection;
  1. Help our customers be more aware of environmental issues surrounding our services and advise them of greener cleaning methods where appropriate;