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Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

LookingIICRC Certified Firm for an affordable professional carpet cleaning service? You found one! Our carpet cleaners are fully trained by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) and Woolsafe, to ensure that they can provide a comprehensive carpet cleaning service on all types of flooring from wool to blended fibre achieving outstanding results.


Property Style
Normal Carpet Clean Price
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2 bedroom house (approx 800 sqft)

2 bedrooms, Landing, Stairs and Hall, Living Room

£180 inc vat
3 bedroom house (approx 1100 sqft)
3 bedrooms, Landing, Stairs and Hall, Living/dining Room
£250 inc vat
4 bedroom house (approx 1400 sqft)
4 bedrooms, Landing, Stairs and Hall, Living and dining Room
£295 inc vat

The property styles are based on average size properties. If you need add more rooms please let us know at the time of booking.  All prices include VAT and insurance.Special offers are based on moving light furniture items, sofas, tables, bedside cabinets etc, if you have larger items that need moving such as bookcases please let us know so we can advice accordingly

From specialist extractor carpet cleans through to dry carpet cleaning services, thanks to our transparent pricing system, you can see exactly how much your domestic carpets will cost to clean from beginning to end, without the worry of hidden ‘additional services’ that can occur with so many budget enterprises.



"Exceptional service, explanation given into each stage and what equipment does." Sarah - Milton Keynes

Free Carpet Cleaning Pre-Inspection

Carpet Cleaning Step 2

In order to ensure that we can provide a first class service to all of our customers, we offer a no obligation carpet cleaning pre-inspection appointment completely free of charge so that we can assess your needs and provide you with a full and clear quotation for all your carpet cleaning services.

Our fully qualified technicians will be able to discuss with you any areas of concern or stains on your carpet which may require specialist treatment and will advise you on the best carpet cleaning methods and products for your needs, as well as the kind of results you could expect should you decide to proceed.

Though many other companies may provide an online quotation without even seeing your carpets, our pre-inspection will include fibre testing of each carpet to be cleaned as well as a full assessment of the work required for the job from the level of soiling in your carpets through to the furniture that needs to be moved and the type of products and equipment that are most suited to your carpets. We can explain the benefits of dry carpet cleaning or extractor carpet cleaning services with you, so that you can fully understand the decisions you are making and ensure your carpet gets the treatment it needs – without such an assessment you risk irreversible damage, colour fading or even fibre issues that could result in the cost of a whole new carpet.

So book a pre-inspection before having your carpets cleaned so that when you receive your quotation you can be sure that you know the price you will pay, confident there will be no nasty surprises later on.

Main Features of Our Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning Steps

How much will the Carpet Cleaning cost?

The Carpet Cleaning Pre-Inspection will provide a full and complete picture of how much it will cost to clean your carpets specifically, however please see our special offers at the top of the page are set prices if your property matchs the critia.

Remember, unlike many other cleaning companies Ecophy’s prices include pre-treatment, standard spot and stain treatment, the latest eco hot water carpet extraction and carpet grooming and finishing as standard along with all VAT and insurance charges, leaving no surprises, just beautifully clean carpets that are ready to use immediately.

Remember unlike many cleaning companies Ecophy’s prices include pre-treatment, standard spot & stain treatment, latest eco hot water carpet extraction, carpets ready to use straight after, carpet grooming and finishing, vat and insurance.