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Hard Floor Cleaning

Waxed Floor ImageIf you have hard floors that need cleaning then Ecophy can help; from quarry tiled floors to real wood floors we have the knowledge and experience to sympathetically strip back the layers of build-up,  then clean seal and polish the floor to a natural high shine.  As a professional domestic cleaning company we can advise you on the best cleaning method for your hard floor from natural stone to real wood and everything in between.

Bring a room alive with with full floor clean and enjoy it each every time you pass over it, a floor is not just there for a purpose it is one of the fundamentals of making a room feel homely.  If you have hard floors and wish to bring your room alive again then get in touch and see what we can do to help.

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"Thanks for doing such a great job on the floors, there fabulous" Jane W (Bedford)

More Information About Cleaning Hard floors

Geometric and Tiled Flooring

Geometric Floor Image2Geometric Floor Image

A fully cleaned and finished Geometric tiled floor can make a room come to life again.  Bring the colours out of your floor by getting us to strip back the dirt and grime, seal the colours in and put a finishing coat over the top making it easier to maintain the shine yourself with just a micro fibre mop.

Lots of Victorian and Edwardian houses have this style of flooring in halls ways, a well known brand at the time was Minton and many others copied this wonderful style of laying tiles to make an impression.  The type of tile will depend on the cleaning method used, for example encaustic (patterned) tiles have the top colour fully laid over first colour (red clay) and others have  printed or sponged tiled faces so care must be taken when cleaning.

When cleaning geometric tiled flooring the thing not to do is use lots of water or chemical as this can cause damage to the tile joints by loosening them or even worse causing damage to the substrate of the tile base.  If too much moisture is used over a long period of time this may lead to adverse effects to the structure beneath the flooring.

Cleaning Real Wood Floors

Real wood floors have variety of finishes including natural, and high shine.   We can advise you on the best finish for your floor taking into account the desired look you are seeking whilst  taking into the equation where the floor is located, age of floor, floor coating etc.  Maintaining wooden floors is not a hard task when you have the correct finish applied and use the right cleaning method but can be easily damaged by hash treatment and chemicals.

Waxed Real Wood Floor

Wooden floors biggest enemy is water and even on sealed floors caution should be taken when using liquids on wooden floors, wood absorbs most liquids and this can cause the wood to swell, then dry out with heat and split.  Our methods of cleaning wooden floors uses a low moisture cleaning system which avoids any possiable side effects from excess liquids or chemicals.  When a floor is to far damaged from wear, excess chemical cleaning methods or just neglated for a period of time, sanding may be your only choice to get the floor back to its former glory, and seal and finish.

Hard Floor Cleaning Cost

Each hard floor has so many variables to it regarding cleaning as to the current condition, floor type, finished required and so on, this makes it impossible to give you a price without seeing the floor area that requires cleaning.  Then we need to discuss what type of finish you require for your floor and inform you of the ongoing maintenance required for the floor finish you want.  The aftercare floor maintenance is just as important to keep your floor in tip top condition and we can advise you what is required for the floor type / finish before it is applied to ensure you fully understand on how to care for it.  Some floor finishes only require low maintenance that can be easily be managed by them throughout the year, as where others will need regular maintenance to maintain the floors lustre.

To discuss further book online for a no obligation appointment for us to discuss your floor and the desired finish you want to achieve.