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Allergy Awerness

Allergy Awereness

Britain’s temperate climate, our love of soft furnishing and pets can mean our homes are a haven for dust mites and other allergens.  Our unique cleaning process covers all of your living space trapping and removing dust, dirt and allergens along the way leaving your home truly cleaned and fresh all without using harmful chemicals.

Household allergies truths

Indoor allergies are a serious problem for many people in the UK and unlike hay fever sufferers indoor allergens are constant throughout the year.  The symptoms of allergies vary but some of the most common are; sneezing, wheezing, itching, hives, shortness of breath and lethargy.

Minimising the allergens within your home cannot cure an allergy but can go a long way towards improving the allergy sufferer’s quality of life.

Common Household Triggers

Bed Bug Waste

Dust mites, their casts and faeces are the predominant household allergen and a trigger for eczema and asthma sufferers alike.  All homes contain dust mites in fact the average home contains up to 10 million of them. If managed correctly, you can decrease these numbers vastly by having careful cleaning solution that attacks at the heart of the problem.

Mould spores – An often overlooked cause of household allergens, these thrive in damp environments such as kitchens / bathrooms and other wet areas. By using a high powered high heat steamer we are destroying mould spores at their core.  We can help control indoor mould growth stopping it becoming a major health risk, along with other measures being taking such as controlling the amount moisture in your home.  If there is already major mould growth in your home, you must get the area cleaned up immediately and this would suggest some sort of water related problem.  If you clean up the mould, but don't fix the water problem, then, most likely, the mould problem will re-appear.

Fur and feather, yes that’s right our love of animals can cause us major problems (other than the odd toilet accident). The fur and dander released by our pets can stay in the air of homes for prolonged periods, constantly being moved around as we enter and exit rooms; cat dander is believed to be more problematic than other fur bearing animals as it is finer.   The fur and dander can stick to many items around your home; the key here is in removing it rather than just shifting it from place to place.

Ecophy can provide a service where even the air is cleaned within one room (bedrooms appear to be the favourite) of your home at no additional cost, giving you a safe haven when needed, speak to us find out more.

Chemical Sensitivity Is a growing problem in the UK, it often (but not exclusively) develops in people who are allergy prone.  They or other close blood relatives may have a history of asthma, eczema or hay fever in the past. Some people may have been prone to headaches from perfumes, or nausea from oven cleaners for many years, gradually this develops into more a serious chemical sensitivity. In others, illness follows an acute exposure to a high level of a particular chemical such as drain cleaner, for these people a higher than normal chemical exposure triggers illness and after this reactions occur to the much lower levels found in everyday cleaning products, which previously were not a problem. Although initially reacting to lower amounts of the chemical that set off the sensitivity; many people then they begin to react to related chemicals; sometimes the sensitivity spreads to almost any chemical.

Ecophy can minimise the triggers

Ecophy can minimize the allergy triggers

Ecophy’s standard cleaning methods incorporate the best cleaning practices when it comes to household allergen reduction, these include; 150 degrees plus vapour steam cleaning, using high suction HEPA/S class or better filtration vacuums, damp dusting with micro fibre to remove dust, not using aerosols or spray cleaning fluids, using unfragranced cleaning products whenever possible, removing the source of an odour rather than masking it with fragrance and only using products with low or no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

If you or a member of your household have asthma, eczema, other skin or respiratory illnesses triggered by household allergens let us know and we can tailor a specific cleaning service helping  alleviate the problems.