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Carbon Footprint Aware

Carbon Footprint Aware

Saying we are a green cleaning company doesn’t just mean we use green cleaning chemicals, it means we actively try to minimise all of the many other environmental impacts that arise from operating a cleaning company, such as energy consumption and waste disposal. Ecophy’s unique cleaning methods mean there is less reliance on chemicals when cleaning, this not only reduces the impact on the environment but provides welcome relief for those with airborne allergies or chemical sensitivities.

What it’s all about?

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Over the last few years the term “carbon footprint” has become one of the world’s most recognizable phrases, but what does it all mean?  We all have a carbon footprint, individuals and businesses alike, some larger than others and we all need to reduce it.  Put plainly the amount of carbon currently released into the air is starving the place we live, we can’t see the initial gas, but we are seeing the impacts all over the world. Everything we have come to take for granted will be affected in some way over the next coming generations, unless we as planet can manage and reduce our carbon output.

How’s it all created?

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Our energy production and industry means we use oil, coal and gas as our primary resources, these organic deposits have taking millions of years to form, and are the remains of living things.  When we burn fossil fuels, they produce carbon dioxide which releases into our atmosphere adding to the current levels of CO2 in the air. This not only happenings in the production process, it also happens when we burn the fuel in our cars, turn our lights and even use our computers.

It’s not just about the direct carbon footprint such as energy and our cars; it is also about our indirect carbon footprint, known as our secondary output. The secondary output includes the amount we recycle, the distance our products have travelled, the type of foods we eat, clothes we buy and many more such items, bulbs, paper and so on.  Making the right choices when purchasing or using a  service, can reduce your overall carbon footprint, and may even save you money at the same time.

Helping you decrease your carbon footprint

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All companies have a duty to reduce their carbon footprint regardless of what industry the business trades. So it is no surprise that more and more companies claim to be green and have environmental policies, but do they really care about the world? Or the impact they and their customers have on it?  Ecophy is different, we not only care about the impact we make on the environment, we want to help our customers reduce their carbon foot print along the way.  This is why we offset 1 ton of carbon for each client who signs up to use our weekly service, that’s an average of 1/10 of the average person’s yearly carbon footprint in England.  On top of this, Ecophy reduces the chemicals used within your environment giving you cleaner fresher air to breathe each and every day.




Managing Ecophy’s carbon footprint

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In addition to offsetting all of our carbon output from the day to day running of our business, we use the latest green technology reducing our carbon output at the source.  Our computing equipment is the most efficient currently available and as you would expect built in the UK.  By continually monitoring our energy consumption and using power saving devices we help stop energy wastage.  While conducting any of our cleaning services we use minimal waste and chemicals, whilst providing an exceptional clean. Our oven services use no harmful chemicals and also benefit from using a limited amount of water.  By continually monitoring our carbon output across all aspects of our business, you can be assured that by using Ecophy regularly, your carbon foot print has been reduced , when compared with traditional cleaning methods.