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There many question that our potential and existing customer ask us,  we have a listed the most commons one here with their respective answers.  If you have a question that is not listed or would like to discuss anything in further depth, please contact us.

Staff and Safety

Ecophy are not an agency or in the business of using sub-contractors (in any description), all of our staff are employed by Ecophy Cleaning Services  Ltd which means we manage our staff directly, meaning you don’t have too.

Yes, due to the nature of our business, we CRB check all members of staff.

Yes, we provide comprehensive in-house training to our staff, as well as sending our staff on industry recognised courses when required.

For the security of our staff members and of our clients, this method also means that work is conducted in less time, giving our clients a better value package.

Yes, we have a coded key system that protects the identity of the property relating to each key, keys are secured in purpose built key safes.

Yes, our staff are fully covered with public and employee liability insurance as well as product use insurance, so you are fully protected by using our service. Subject to our insurance policy, you covered for all breakages, with no excess charge for you to pay.

About our Cleaning methods

All of our cleaning methods are designed to remove dirt, dust and germs from your home; traditional dusters can just spread dust around and mops unless properly dried between uses provide a breeding ground for germs. For these reasons we use microfiber and steam mops alongside other high tech equipment.

HEPA stands for “High Efficiency Particulate Air”. Originally developed during the 1940’s with the objective of capturing airborne radioactive particles HEPA technology is now used on many vacuum cleaners. HEPA filter can remove airborne particles that are 3 micrometers or larger in size. To put that in perspective, a human hair is 70-100 micrometers.. The acronym HEPA is used mainly in the USA throughout Europe the same filter is often referred to as an S-Class filter.

ULPA stands for Ultra Low Penetration Air and is a filtering efficiency specification for filters used where the highest degree of clean air must be maintained. ULPA filters must retain all particles to 0.12 µm in size at an efficiency rating of 99.999%. Currently there are very few portable vacuums available in the UK that can meet this high specification.

Ecophy uses a range of vacuums all with a minimum of HEPA filtration. If you are an allergy sufferer and dust mites are a major concern one of our ULPA filtered vacuums may prove best however for pet hair nothing beats our S-Class vacuums.

Our staff our fully trained on our equipment, which has also been PAT tested to comply with the current health and safety legalisation. This ensures that our insurance policy, which is there to protect our clients is not voided due to the use of untested equipment or products.

Yes, all of our staff are specialist in their fields and each has received comprehensive training in cleaning specialist surfaces and materials, such as marble, stone, quarry tiling, ceramic, pure wool carpets and rugs, and much, much more.

The technologies exist to completely clean and sanitize most surfaces without using heavy chemicals; the technologies have been used safely in commercial environments for a few years now. This technology is expensive and requires extensive training in order to use which is why most cleaning companies still opt to use the less effective traditional methods most people are used to.

Customer Services

You can contact us by using our online contact form, or via email or phone during office hours. If you are an existing customer, and would like to add or change your service, you can also use your  this website to change jobs, or use the logn to view your account.

We believe in building good relations with our customers, and have found that we can provide a better service when our customers have a single person to call who knows all their history and details relating to their service.

You will need to use your private login details which will be confirmed when you sign up to one of our services, contact us if you need any further help.

Yes, you can do this online or via contacting your account manager.

Ecophy believe in giving a professional service to all of our customers with a clear transparent full quote for services requested. Some of these services such as domestic cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, leather reconditioning and cleaning, window cleaning, can only be correctly quoted for by have an onsite inspection to assess your full requirements. Our clients are under no obligation to book a service from us just because they have had a pre- inspection visit, these are conducted free of charge.

We do understand that in some circumstances speed is an important factor, when this is the case, please contact us by phone to let us know of your urgency and we will endeavour to meet your timescales, and in all cases will provide you with an expected timescale for services to start.

Service agreements and payments

Apart from one-off services, all services have a service agreement and schedule of works attachment, this allows our customers to know what to expect from us, and likewise what we expect from our customers. Everything is laid out clearly from day one so no unexpected charges or fees landing on the doorstep.

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and want to know that we have covered everything that our customers have asked us to do. By laying this out clearly on a schedule of works, you can check that all cleaning task you require are covered on your proposed service. This way, you only sign when you are happy that everything you require is covered.

Yes, all service agreements can be cancelled by giving us 30 days written notice. Where we have provided a service which has not been paid for, we require payment in full upon cancellation of the agreement.

If you are booking a re-occuring service, we accept standing orders, repeat payment method on a debit/credit card, or via monthly invoice. We accept all major debit and credit cards, cheque, cash and bank transfers.

For one-off services that don’t require a pre-inspection for example oven cleaning, you can either pay via debit or credit card when booking , or one of our team will call you to take payment on the day, if you would like to pay via cheque or cash on the day, you can do this via prior arrangement.

For pre-inspection services, such as carpet or domestic cleaning, you can pay on booking the service directly with our inspectors if you wish, or as above.

Yes all prices quoted are inclusive of VAT, your invoice will display VAT separately.

Yes, you can change your payment method at anytime to whatever accepted method suits you best.

Booking Services

You can either book online or call us whichever suits you best.

We do understand that in some circumstances speed is an important factor, when this is the case, please contact us by phone to let us know of your urgency and we will endeavour to meet your timescales, and in all cases will provide you with an expected timescale for services to start.

Yes, all of our services are tailored to meet individual customer’s needs, this includes booking one-off services. The only service that cannot be booked solo or for an one-off is our Top-Up Service. In fact some of our services are designed to be booked ad-hoc one-off services when you require them.

Yes, our tailored package allows you to combine one, two or even more services into one easy package saving you time and money.

Yes, booking a cleaning service for some you love makes a popular and unusual gift, such as new parents or housewarming surprise. We will need to provide extra security checks due to the fraud when billing for gifts. If you wanted your gift presented in a gift voucher form, please ask and we will accommodate.

We operate a strict safety policy that requires us to obtain details of all appointments that our staff attend. If you book over the internet, we will call you to confirm your appointment details.