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The Ecophy Difference

The Ecophy Difference

Quite simply we believe in removing the dirt, germs and other nasties from your home.  This may sound simplistic but many cleaning methods ‘hide’ stains and marks and literally shift dust from one area to another.  By using the latest green technology we thoroughly deep clean your home then using specialist equipment to check to ensure everything is truly clean and doesn’t just look clean.

Ensuring your home is clean

Oven Cleaning

Cleaning a home and keeping it toxin free should go hand in hand, after all what use is a clean home if it poses a health hazzard to the people who live in it?  This is why all of our cleaning service methods are not only kind to the environment but kind to you.

Many people view ‘green’ cleaning as somewhat antiquainted and not as effective as harsh chemicals.  The truth is the latest green technology frequently out performs traditional chemical cleaning time after time.  Just a few sprays of our ionator not only cleans hard surfaces, it obliterates stains, germs and viruses getting your house sparkly clean and sanitised at the same time. This result’s in a healther, greener and cleaner home at no extra charge.

We don’t only say we clean, we prove it’s clean


Many companies claim to be green for a marketing edge,  Ecophy don’t  say we are green for an edge in the market, we provide our customers a way of being greener and kinder to the environment.  By helping you become greener, we too become greener, everyone benefits including the world at large.  Not all green cleaning companies are the same; some claim to have the best bio-degradable products on the market, others claim that their products clean better than the next, we don’t just say we clean, we prove it.  By using our specially designed equipment we can see what areas contain the most germs then eradicate using another piece of technogy to break down the germ DNA.  By breaking down the DNA of germs, this stops them reproducing by destroying them from the inside out, just wipe away their remains for a completly clean and sanitised area.

Standards that don’t cost you more

Ecophy Difference

Many compaines charge extra for more eco services such as steam mopping hardfloor areas or steam cleaning bathroom areas etc, Ecophy not  only believe in high standards we practice them as standard.  The use of steam, UV-C and ionators for total sanitisation are standard for us as is only using rigerously tested and proven environmentally friendly cleaning products such as HEPA or ULPA filter vacuumes.

Cleaning starts at the front door, not the inside but the outside,  your door step and front door will be cleaned and any metal work/glass will be polished part of standard service.  The correct equipment or product will be always be used by our fully trained staff such as natural bees wax where applicable, linseed oil for wooden worktop resealing and so on.  Ecophy aims to use natural products whenever possible, however this is not always the case and in these circumstances we use the most effective product for the task with the least environmental impact.